Industry leading quality control.

To produce a superior product, our cannabis is grown via micro cultivations in small isolated grow rooms. This greatly reduces the rate of contamination and provides a clean and controlled setting. These external measures, in addition to regimented cultivation processes, ensures the integrity of our plants and provides higher quality yields.

Industry leading quality control

Unrivaled genetics seed bank with over 300 strains.

At Bloom House we have amassed and continue to add new cultivars to our extensive portfolio. We are focusing on terpene rich cultivars with mid- to high-level THC as well as high level CBD cultivars that are unique to the Canadian LP marketplace.

We phenotype our cultivars and select only the best to bloom for market and for breeding.

Unrivaled genetics seed bank with over 300 strains

State-of-the-art hydroponic cultivation.

The way we cultivate our cannabis is uniquely precise. Our fertigation system is delivered to the plants via a two-line drip system for redundancy. Rockwell, an inert soilless growing medium, is used to maintain a compliant and consistent product, and our HVAC system has been engineered to be cannabis cultivation specific. Having full control over our HVAC system ensures that the cultivation area temperatures and PH are maintained consistently. This will minimize the chances of fungi spread throughout the crops and allow for optimal growth at all stages of life.

LED grows lights were carefully vetted to ensure that the optimal spectrum and intensity were provided so that final product can be of the highest quality as well as visually appealing.

We are committed to and continue to explore AI technology to provide consistent product, cycle over cycle.

State-of-the-art hydroponic cultivation

Testing at Bloom House.

At Bloom House, potency testing is conducted only by accredited testing facilities using the latest and most relevant methods that have been validated by Health Canada. Our validation team requires each testing facility to provide method validation documents as well as Certificates of Analysis (CoA). These tests include, but are not limited to, heavy metal analysis (Pb, Hg, As, Cd), cannabinoid profile (THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, total THC and total CBD), microbiological testing (total aerobic bacteria, total yeast and molds, E. coli, Salmonella sp., P. aeruginosa, S. aureus), mycotoxin/aflatoxin testing (B1, B2, G1, G2), pesticide residue testing (95+ pesticides targeted by Health Canada), extraneous foreign matter testing, and moisture content analysis.

As part of Bloom House’s ongoing commitment to providing ultra-high premium cannabis products, we also test for terpenes, pests (daily) and nutrient deficiency (daily). These testing results help guide us in optimizing production flow while maintaining the safety and quality of our cannabis products.

First-class in house analytical testing laboratory

Government Compliance.

Bloom House remains committed to operating within the guidelines of various regulations as set forth by the Canadian government.

We are licensed under the Cannabis Act, and are working towards Good Production Practices (GPP) certification for our facility, which ensures a consistent environment of excellence throughout our operations.

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