• Home to leading edge technology and innovations.

    Our soilless growing medium gives us the ability to precisely maintain volumes of nutrients, creating a more consistent product and seeding schedule.

  • Unique and isolated grow rooms.

    Rate of contamination is greatly reduced and de-risked through smaller cultivations in a clean controlled setting. This method is conducive to quality control and produces higher quality yields.

  • State-of-the-art mechanical system.

    Every air handling unit is equipped with a triple redundant UV, HEPA, and charcoal filtration system. We go above and beyond to handle any changes to PH in water with our fully automated stainless steel Dosatron® nutrient delivery system.

  • No downtime with 100% generator backup.

    We are uniquely self sufficient in the event of a power outage. We’ve installed a complete generator system, keeping the quality of our plants and security a top priority.

Leaders in our discipline.

Our team is comprised of experienced and passionate people with various backgrounds in cultivation, quality control, trimming, packaging, and security. Our visions are aligned with a common goal of helping people and creating a great product that can transform lives.

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