Maamawi in Anishnaabemowin, the Ojibwe language, has the direct translation of 'together'. Since time immemorial, the Indigenous People of this land were always of the mindset that all are welcome and that together, we would coexist and honour each other's gifts. Maamawi is committed to helping the cannabis industry grow responsibly and sustainably, while respecting and honouring the lands in which it is developed upon.

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MJ Creams

Legacy (MJ Creams) was born from an idea of turning un-smoked cannabis into cream-form, with a goal in mind to test the success of it in aiding body pain. Through multiple trials of reverse engineering known formulas, Legacy finally found the perfect technique and recipe. For approximately ten years, MJ Creams has continued to innovate and evolve into different product lines for specific needs and wants. MJ Creams was sold in the underground market throughout Canada under several brand names, . With the rise in success and positive reviews, MJ Creams attained several awards including the Topical Award for best topical at the CarmaCup and the Topical Award at the Canadian BioCup. Through the arduous and tedious path of marijuana legalization, Legacy MJ Creams is now legally viable to produce and sell within Canada, through OCS outlets. We are a true Legacy company that has been around for several years in the black-market, now entering the light in the legal cannabis market. Legacy (MJ Creams) creams is now legally available through OCS outlets. Bloom House will be using the original formulation and trade names earned through years of underground marketing.

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7 Farms Down

Co-founded by 6th generation farmers Jason and Bill Guttridge and cousin Jay Glasier, the family grew up in Chatham-Kent 7 farms down from the operation and have sourced local property, equipment and human resources complimenting their managing team. It is their passion to garner the excitement from others in the industry who share their values to ensure the long term viability of outdoor cannabis.

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Handy Dandies

Dedicated to providing our customers with a superior product that they can trust, our growing team is committed to delivering your premium flower that has been lovingly engineered into ready-to-bake pre-rolls.

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